Outdoor learning commons and playscape

Pittsburgh Learning Commons is leading the development of an outdoor commons and learning playscape at Community Forge. Our goal is to create a fun, flexible space to be used for multiple purposes including neighborhood youth and families, building programs, and events from music festivals to pogo competitions to community BBQs.

In spring 2019, we worked with a group of architecture students in an urban acupuncture course at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). They helped us engage in a 4-month community co-design process, hosting community events, 30+ stakeholder interviews, neighborhood asset mapping, and 5 youth design sessions to develop our master plan (see below).

In summer 2019 with support from many volunteers, Kaboom Play Everywhere and PPG Colorful Communities, we have completed the pattern island, multiple integrated play benches, and the lower portion of the play island.

In fall 2019, we will partner with Steven Lee from CMU to deepen our design for the community porch and shaded seating areas.