Our Mission

Pittsburgh Learning Commons (PLC) is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to: 1) provide educational opportunities that break down disciplinary boundaries and relate to real-world contexts, 2) create an environment where learners can claim ownership over their education and build lifelong learning skills, and 3) support learners in developing expertise in applied STEAM fields. We aim to accomplish our mission by having the voices and ideas of our youth mold our space and programming, bringing in advanced practitioners as instructors in STEAM fields, and building community partnerships. We prioritize free programs and scholarships to the residents in our Wilkinsburg neighborhood.

Our History

Pittsburgh Learning Commons (PLC) was formed in 2016 by a group of graduate students and young professionals with origins in the greater Pittsburgh area. With a goal to create educational programming for communities that are in need and looking for resources, PLC is planting seeds in the greater Pittsburgh area in order to grow with the community. In 2017, PLC partnered with a new community space (Community Forge) in Wilkinsburg to create public learning environments and afterschool programming for local residents. We are constantly looking for collaborators, so if you are interested, reach out to learn more!